All Teams Jersey of Copa America 2016 (Home & Away Kits)

After passing just an year, another exciting event of Copa America has about to begin although it is supposed to be after four years. But it is now being held due to completion of hundred years celebration. It is already scheduled to run from 3rd June, 2016 to 26th June, 2016.

Total sixteen teams will compete in this upcoming Copa America Centenario event which will be hosted United States for very first time.

Every participating teams will unleash their new kit in CA 2016. Let’s take a look below where the all teams kit is given.

# Argentina Kit: New kit of Argentina is fully traditional. It is sky blue with white stripe. Adidas is the sponsor of this new kit. Team logo is placed on the left side of the chest.
Argentina Home Kit

# Brazil Kit: Copa America 2016 kit of Brazil is completely dark yellow like before. Nike is sponsoring this kit which is branded their logo on the right side of the kit.

Brazil Home Kit


# USA Home Kit: Sponsoring by Nike, the home kit of team USA is full white body with navy blue sleeve. It is gorgeous.

USA Home Kit


# USA Away Kit: The away kit of team USA is full black along with two sleeve with two different color. Right sleeve is red and left sleeve is blue color. Team logo is placed left side of the chest.

USA Away Kit


# Colombia Kit: Colombia kit for Copa America 2016 is white. Sponsoring by Adidas, the collar is black v polo type.

Colombia Home Kit


# Costa Rica: Consisting with red, blue and white polo collar, New Balance is sponsoring this kit. It is completely red color.

Costa Rica Home Kit

# Paraguay: New kit of Paraguay is white and red stripe. Adidas is the main sponsor of the kit.

Paraguay Home Kit for Copa America 2016

# Ecuador Kit: Ecuador’s new kit for Copa America is solid yellow which gives traditional looks. Marathon is sponsoring this kit.

Equador Home Kit for Copa America 2016


# Haiti Kit: Apparently new looks of Haiti new kit for CA 2016. The main color is blue with the red marking of the ending portion of both two sleeves.

Haiti Home Kit


# Peru Kit: Sponsored by Umbro, the new kit of Peru is totally white with only one red stripe.

Peru Home Kit for Copa America 2016


# Mexico Kit: The new Mexico kit which will unleash for CA 2016 is green with V collar. Adidas is the official sponsor of this kit.

Mexico Home Kit for Copa America 2016


# Uruguay Kit: Sponsoring by Puma, the new kit of Uruguay is light blue. A blue stripe is placed on bothe side of the neck to sleeves.

Uruguay Home Kit for Copa America 2016


# Jamaica Kit: The new kit of Jamaica is based on yellow.

Jamaica Home Kit for Copa America 2016


# Venezuela Kit: With V collar, the new kit of Venezuela is dark red. The collar and the lower portion of the kit is marked by yellow.

Venezuela Home Kit for Copa America 2016


# Chile Kit: The new kit of Chile for Copa America 2016 is solid red which is sponsoring by Nike.

Chile Home Kit

# Panama Kit: Based on red color with large white stripe, the new Panama kit is beautiful.

Panama Home Kit


# Bolivia Kit: Bolivia kit is based on green color which is sponsoring by Marathon. The ending point of both sleeves are yellow.

Bolivia Home Kit for Copa America 2016