Copa America Centenario Champion Prediction 2016 & Past Winners List

Copa America is considered the 3rd most prestigious football competition after FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro. It is basically south American football competition which generally held after every four years. Total twelve teams from CONMEBOL used to participate here.

Chile champion

Since the inaugural season of Copa America in 1916, total 44th edition have passed away where different eight teams have won those title. The most successful team is Uruguay with fifteen times title winner. With fourteen (14) times title, team Argentina stood second in position. Let’s take a look below where the previous winners list of Copa America is given.

# Past Winners List:

Edition Host Year Winner Runner-up
1st Argentina 1916 Uruguay Argentina
2nd Uruguay 1917 Uruguay Argentina
3rd Brazil 1919 Brazil Uruguay
4th Chile 1920 Uruguay Argentina
5th Argentina 1921 Argentina Brazil
6th Brazil 1922 Brazil Paraguay
7th Uruguay 1923 Uruguay Argentina
8th Uruguay 1924 Uruguay Argentina
9th Argentina 1925 Argentina Brazil
10th Chile 1926 Uruguay Argentina
11th Peru 1927 Argentina Uruguay
12th Argentina 1929 Argentina Paraguay
13th Peru 1935 Uruguay Argentina
14th Argentina 1937 Argentina Brazil
15th Peru 1939 Paraguay Uruguay
16th Chile 1941 Argentina Uruguay
17th Uruguay 1942 Uruguay Argentina
18th Chile 1945 Argentina Brazil
19th Argentina 1946 Argentina Brazil
20th Ecuador 1947 Argentina Paraguay
21st Brazil 1949 Brazil Paraguay
22nd Peru 1953 Paraguay Brazil
23rd Chile 1955 Argentina Chile
24th Uruguay 1956 Uruguay Chile
25th Peru 1957 Argentina Brazil
26th Argentina 1959 Argentina Brazil
27th Ecuador 1959 Uruguay Argentina
28th Bolivia 1963 Bolivia Paraguay
29th Uruguay 1967 Uruguay Argentina
30th Various 1975 Peru Colombia
31st Various 1979 Paraguay Chile
32nd Various 1983 Uruguay Brazil
33rd Argentina 1987 Uruguay Chile
34th Brazil 1989 Brazil Uruguay
35th Chile 1991 Argentina Brazil
36th Ecuador 1993 Argentina Mexico
37th Uruguay 1995 Uruguay Brazil
38th Bolivia 1997 Brazil Bolivia
39th Paraguay 1999 Brazil Uruguay
40th Colombia 2001 Colombia Mexico
41st Peru 2004 Brazil Argentina
42nd Venezuela 2007 Brazil Argentina
43rd Argentina 2011 Uruguay Paraguay
44th Chile 2015 Chile Argentina

Another biggest event of Copa America is knocking at the door which will be a centennial event. This tournament will be the celebration of fulfilling hundred years of CA. In this special edition of CA, total sixteen (16) most strongest teams from CONMEBOL and CONCACAF will compete.

Among them, team Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil and host United States have far better condition than others and have possible chance and strength to win the trophy of Copa America 2016.

It we consider the possible winner of CA 2016, team Argentina should come first due to their current ranking and extraordinary performance. They are well known for their artistic football style and short pass. They have also some great football legend like great Lionel Messi who can destroy enemy defense all alone. Also they have Aguero, playmaker Maria, Lavezzi, Higuain and some others. Most probably, it is only a matter of time that team Argentina will win the title of Copa America 2016.

Chile and Uruguay are the two another teams which have also some talented players which makes them favourite. They have also ability to win the title. It is needed to mention that, Chile is the defending champion of Copa America.

Brazil is always a potential team but lack of legendary captain named Neymar Jr in upcoming CA 2016, they would suffer.

Team USA will get extra confidence as a host nation and they will play in their own ground and are supported a lot by fans. It will encourage them to win their first title of Copa America in this season.