SUM, IMG awarded for Copa America 2016 commercial rights

The announcement of commercial right Copa America centenario was made on wednesday. IMG and SUM awarded to Copa America commercial right to 2016 Copa America centennial. Copa America Centenario starting from 3 June to 26 June 2016. USA hosting this historic event of North and South American football tournament Copa America. This year Copa America celebrating 100th anniversary of the tournament.



The right award after a bidding on wednesday, 12 firms submit bids to won the commercial right included sponsorship and broadcasting right. Emirates, Castrol, Sony, Johnson & Johnson and Continental loos sponsorship for corruption scandal. IMG handle many sporting event, especially in golf and tennis, on the other hand SUM marketing arm of measure soccer league.

Juan Angel Napout said president of (CONMEBOL) very happy to participate on this process with CONCACAF and US soccer for 2016 Copa America Centenario commercial right.  Juan Angel also added this is first time (CONMEBOL) taking part on this type of process which will  implement future of the tournament.

CONCACAF is excited to work with IMG and SUM and they hope they will build the commercial success for this historic event. IMG also delighted for awarded this right with SUM in this historical tournament.

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