How would the world appear in the absence of Real Madrid?

By | May 11, 2024

If you search ‘what would the world be like without…’, many interesting options come up. There’s much to think about, but lately, another version has been on my mind. What would the world be like without Real Madrid? Without a team that has won the Champions League five times in the last 10 seasons and is now racing towards another victory in this tournament. The clear favorite in the match against Borussia. It feels like without Real Madrid, we would perceive football differently. Specifically, the interplay between the game and the result. The approach of ‘the one who creates more opportunities is more likely to win’ would be more firmly embedded in our minds. It wouldn’t work 100% of the time, but it would be considered the foundation. The very foundation that Real Madrid is currently bending over its knee. In the round of 16, Leipzig looked better but was eliminated. In the quarterfinals, City looked better, but was eliminated. Only with Bayern it was different, thanks to Neuer. In previous seasons, the pattern was more or less the same.

If there were no Real Madrid, there would be no Florentino Perez as the president of the club. And he was the initiator and ideologist of the Super League. This tournament was never held, but it still influenced football. Top clubs want to earn more and through such projects they pushed UEFA for larger prizes and a new tournament format. For the first time, the fifth place in championships gives a ticket to the Champions League. There were five representatives from one country before, but that required winning the Europa League. Now with a victory in the Europa League, you can get the sixth Champions League spot. And what would have happened with the Spanish league? Barcelona would be the hegemon like Bayern in Germany. The main rivalry in La Liga: Barcelona vs. Atletico. And not just in this century, but also in the past (Athletic Bilbao would have fallen short in terms of results). If there were no Real Madrid, Atletico would have won the Spanish league four times more, and Barcelona – 17 times more!

If there were no Real Madrid, where would Cristiano Ronaldo have spent his peak years? And where would Di Stefano, Puskas, Zidane, Roberto Carlos have played… So we wouldn’t have seen a pig’s head on the field? Figo would have continued playing for Barcelona or moved somewhere else. Ancelotti would have continued fighting for survival with Everton. And who would now handle Mbappe’s contract? Chelsea? Al Hilal? Most likely, the world without Real Madrid would be worse. Can you imagine a map of Europe without Madrid? It feels strange and empty, based on what we know today. However, the trend now is such that neutral viewers in the final will more likely support Borussia, simply because Real Madrid is a little too familiar and they want something fresh. Even with all due respect to the history of the great club.

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