Top 10 most expensive pairs of sneakers in the world. Seven of them are associated with Michael Jordan

By | May 11, 2024

Michael Jordan, considered by many fans to be the greatest basketball player in history, not only boasts impressive on-court achievements but has also made significant cultural contributions that extend well beyond basketball. No other sports star can claim such a wide-reaching impact.

A prime example of Jordan’s cultural influence is the popular Jordan sneaker brand, worn by millions worldwide—even by those who may not even know who Michael is. Recently, a list of the top 10 most expensive sneaker purchases in history was released, and it includes seven pairs associated with Michael. Let’s take a look!

First place: Air Jordan, “Legacy” Collection — $8 million This collection tops the list, comprising sneakers from all six of Jordan’s finals series. Jordan won every finals series he played in.

Second place: Air Jordan 13 from the 1998 finals — $2.2 million The most expensive individual pair of sneakers in history are the Air Jordan 13s worn by Michael during his “Last Dance” in 1998. In that final series, Jordan clinched his sixth and final championship ring.

Third place: Nike Air Yeezy 1 Grammy Sample — $1.8 million

Fourth place: Nike Air Ship Michael Jordan PE — $1.5 million These sneakers are released for nostalgia, bringing older fans back to the golden era of Jordan, evoking a time when everything in the world seemed right.

Fifth place: Air Jordan 12, “Flu Game” — $1.3 million Another legendary moment from Jordan’s career is the “Flu Game.” Despite various explanations of what was really wrong with Michael at the time, this game has made history and will never be forgotten. Despite feeling under the weather, Jordan managed to play 44 minutes and score 38 points during the 1992 finals.

Sixth place: Air Jordan 12, “Glass Shard” — $615,000 Jordan wore these sneakers when he shattered a backboard with a dunk during a practice game in Trieste, Italy. Fragments of glass are still embedded in the sole.

Seventh place: Air Jordan 1, worn by Michael — $560,000 The legendary model Jordan wore early in his career, during 1984 and 1985.

Eighth place: 1972 Nike Moon Shoe — $438,000

Ninth place: Air Jordan 1, “Broken Foot” — $422,000 Early in the 1985/1986 season, Michael broke his foot in a game against the Golden State Warriors. Nike eventually made him a special version of the Air Jordan 1, which was sold at auction for $422,000.

Tenth place: Louis Vuitton X Nike Air Force 1 — $353,000

These examples of high-value sneaker sales highlight not just Jordan’s influence in sports but also his significant impact on fashion and collector culture. His legacy extends far beyond the basketball court, influencing various aspects of style and marketing in the sports industry.

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