Copa America 2021 Tickets Buy – Where & How to Book, Sales Date & Pricing

By | March 13, 2021

Copa America 2021 Tickets: Copa America 2021 is going to be an important event for the footballing world. This year Copa America was originally dated to start last year. But as we all know it didn’t happen due to COVID-19. Fans are eagerly waiting for the tickets for Copa America 2021. But there is still some time left before the official sale begins. In this article, we will inform you about the ticket for Copa America 2021. How you can get your hands on one of the Copa America tickets.

Copa America 2021 Tickets Buy - Where & How to Book, Sales Date & Pricing


Copa America 2021

This year, the 47th edition of Copa America is taking place in Argentina and Colombia and Copa America finals are going to take place at Estadio Metropolitano, Colombia. The South America football carnival is scheduled to start on the 13th of June, 2021 and the final is scheduled to be played on 10th July, 2021.

Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador are some of the dominant nations that have qualified for this year Copa America 2021. Australia and Qatar will also join this year’s tournament as invited teams.

But fans will witness the absence of Mexico’s second-year running. If rumors are to be believed, there is a tug of war going on between the CONMEBOL and CONCACAF. Previously, Mexico had stepped out of Copa America to participate in the less important Gold Cup. This has ignited a rage among the Copa America organizers.

Regarding the ticket for Copa America 2021, there is no evident information available currently. After last year’s tournament was postponed officials have not released aby official date on which the tickets would go on sale. Once any information is available, we will surely update you on that.

Meanwhile, tickets for Copa America 2021 were previously announced to be available here. Fans are advised to check the website for any updates. However, few officials’ have informed fans, that any news regarding the pricing, sale date, Copa America final tickets, etc. will be officially announced on CONMEBOL social media channels.


COPA America Live Streaming Tickets Booking Available


Copa America 2021 Tickets FAQs


What are the Prices of Tickets for Copa America 2021?

To give you an idea about the pricing of Copa America tickets, we give you the price list of Copa America 2019

Match Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 3 Cat 4 Cat 5
Opening Match $590 $390 $290 $190
Group matches $350 $250 $180 $120 $60
Quarter-Finals $400 $280 $220 $140 $80
Semi-Final $590 $390 $290 $190 $100
Third-Place $350 $250 $180 $120 $60
Final $890 $590 $400 $260


Where to Buy Copa America 2021 Ticket?

The Copa America officials have not officially disclosed the process of buying the tickets for Copa America 2021So, we have to wait until the official announcement.


How to Buy Copa America Tickets?

There is no concrete information available by which you can buy your tickets for Copa America 2021


How much is Copa America Ticket 2021 Price?

There is no official word on the pricing of the tickets of Copa America. Although, we have given of list of various category ticket prices above. You can have an idea from it.


When will the Tickets for Copa America Available?

Copa America officials have not declared any date from when the tickets will be available. We still have to wait for the official announcement from CONMEBOL.


Can I Buy Tickets from the Copa America Website?

Once the tickets are available, fans will able to buy from the official Copa America website. However, we have to wait and see the official validation.


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