Today Match Winner Prediction: 100% True Astrology Copa America Predictions 2021

By | June 14, 2021

Today Match Winner Astrology Copa America Predictions 2021: Copa America 2021 is the biggest South American nation-based football tournament. South American Nations converge in what happens to be a thrilling encounter between top players. This year the Copa America reaches its 47th edition and the excitement is very high among the supporters. Copa America 2020 was postponed by 12 months due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. The tournament was previously scheduled to be played in Argentina and Colombia but various reasons have hindered the tournament not to be played in the before-mentioned countries.

Copa America Predictions 2020-2021

Colombia’s government is facing severe protests from its citizens due to some governmental issues. So, CONMEBOL decided to nix Columbia as the host country on 24th May 2021. Later Argentina was also removed due to the rising cases of the Covid-19. As things stand, Brazil is being touted as the host country of the tournament that is scheduled to start on June 14th, 2021.

Astrology Copa America Predictions 2021 Match Winner

With the use of astrology and historical data, we have predicted the whole of Copa America 2020 and are right here at your disposal. Check them out here.

*Note: Green: Correct Prediction | Red: Wrong Prediction | Orange: Upcoming Match Prediction

Date & Day Match Time (IST) Venue (ET) Winner Predictions
June 14, Monday Brazil vs Venezuela 2:30 AM Brasilia Brazil
June 14, Monday Colombia vs Ecuador 05:30 AM Cuiaba Colombia
June 15, Tuesday Argentina vs Chile 02:30 AM Rio Argentina (Tie)*
June 15, Tuesday Paraguay vs Bolivia 05:30 AM Goiania Paraguay
June 18, Friday Colombia vs Venezuela 02:30 AM Goiania Colombia (Tie)*
June 18, Friday Brazil vs Peru 05:30 AM Rio Brazil
June 19, Saturday Chile vs Bolivia 02:30 AM Cuiaba Chile
June 19, Saturday Argentina vs Uruguay 05:30 AM Brasilia Argentina
June 21, Monday Venezuela vs Ecuador 02:30 AM Rio Ecuador (Tie)*
June 21, Monday Colombia vs Peru 05:30 AM Goiania Colombia (Peru)
June 22, Tuesday Uruguay vs Chile 02:30 AM Cuiaba Chile (Tie)*
June 22, Tuesday Argentina vs Paraguay 05:30 AM Brasilia Argentina
June 24, Thursday Ecuador vs Peru 02:30 AM Goiania Tie
June 24, Thursday Brazil vs Colombia 05:30 AM Rio Brazil 
June 25, Friday Bolivia vs Uruguay 02:30 AM Cuiaba Bolivia (Uruguay)
June 25, Friday Chile vs Paraguay 05:30 AM Brasilia Paraguay
June 28, Sunday Brazil vs Ecuador 02:30 AM Goiania Brazil (Tie)*
June 28, Sunday Venezuela vs Peru 02:30 AM Brasilia Peru
June 29, Monday Uruguay vs Paraguay 05:30 AM Rio Uruguay
June 29, Monday Bolivia vs Argentina 05:30 AM Cuiaba Argentina
July 3, Saturday Peru vs Paraguay 02:30 AM Goiania Peru
July 3, Saturday Brazil vs Chile 05:30 AM Rio Brazil
July 4, Sunday Uruguay vs Colombia 03:30 AM Brasilia Colombia
July 4, Sunday Argentina vs Ecuador 06:30 AM Goiania Argentina
July 6, Tuesday Brazil vs Peru 04:.30 AM Rio Brazil
July 7, Wednesday Argentina vs Colombia 06.30 AM Brasilia Argentina
July 10, Saturday Peru vs Colombia 05:30 AM Brasilia Colombia
July 11, Sunday Brazil vs Argentina 05:30 AM Maracana, Rio Argentina

*Note: Green: Correct Prediction | Red: Wrong Prediction | Orange: Upcoming Match Prediction


This year the tournament is going to be played between 10 countries. Earlier Australia and Qatar were invited to take part in the competition. But the travel restrictions due to the Global pandemic saw both countries back out from the tournament. So, the tournament will now be played with 10 teams.

Before making any Copa America predictions for 2020, we have to know the format of the tournament. 10 teams are divided into two groups of 5. The top four teams from each group qualify for the quarter-finals. The last team of each group is out of the tournament. From the quarter-finals, teams of both groups play against each other and reach the semi-finals and finals, consequently.

This year Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia have the chance to win Copa America 2021. Among them, Brazil is the clear favorite with a whole host of exciting footballers in their squad. Our Copa America prediction also states Brazil as the favorite to win this year’s edition just like the last edition.

The likes of Neymar, Gabriel Jesus, Richarlison, Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, Casemiro, and many other exciting talents make up the Brazil squad.  So, they have a great chance to win back-to-back 2021 Copa America.

We have also studied previous years’ data and analyzed every team’s performance through the qualifiers of Copa America as well as the world cup qualifiers that have been played for 2 years. Our experts have prepared a list of Copa America today match winners to help you in your fantasy quest.

We all know that a coin toss decides which team kick starts the game and which team starts from their favored side. Apart from that, there is no importance of a coin toss in a football match. Teams can win, lose or draw a football match. So, it is hard to predict the correct winning team.


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